About Evtek

Evtek was founded on the firm belief that we can and must maximize the value of recyclables. We focus on optimizing recycling through proven cutting edge technology and specialized collection infrastructure. Our intense passion and focus on sourcing and processing our member's material results in the most efficient recycling system. 

We are on a mission to provide the world's most effective and utilized recycling system. Through more impactful educational programs, highly convenient infrastructure, and top of the line technology, Evtek's members can easily understand the benefits and impacts of their recycling efforts.
Our Motivation
The United States burns, buries, and pollutes over $100 Billion in recyclables yearly. Why is this happening? The U.S.'s current recycling systems are outdated and ineffective. Non-effective sourcing channels and outdated processing systems are bringing the growth of recycling to a crawl. The United States needs a fresh new leader in recycling & sustainability, Evtek is determined to be our nation's best.
We believe that every bottle counts, and we're here to prove it.

Meet the team 

Martin Naro 

Founder, CEO ​

Interested in partnering or want to learn more about Evtek? 

Yoni Saltzman 

Founder, CTO ​