Welcome to the future of recycling

Future of Recycling
Future of Recycling

Inwood recycling education 2019 2
Inwood recycling education 2019 2

EvTek recycling container @ Bradstock fe
EvTek recycling container @ Bradstock fe

Future of Recycling
Future of Recycling


Drop Off Members


We are partnered with Long Islands' largest and most premier redemption center, All Deposit. They have the most convenient system for walk-in redemption customers. From 5 bottles to 5,000 they will have you in and out in minutes. If you are interested in dropping off your redeemable containers click the button to find out more.

Bulk Members

Evtek offers Pick-Up services for anyone who collects a minimum of 2,500 NYS marked deposit containers. We ask that our members separate their containers by plastic, aluminum, and glass. Please box all glass bottles and bag all plastic and aluminum containers. When you are ready for pick up please call the contact number listed on the bottom of the home page.

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Curbside Members

Bayport-Bluepoint, Sayville Communities.

We are currently offering Curbside pickup to all residents of Sayville, Bayport, and Bluepoint. During these challenging times, we vow to donate 2-cents per deposit container collected to help support our local healthcare workers, first responders, and food providers. 

Business Members

We provide Long Island businesses with the opportunity to recycle their plastic, aluminum, and glass. Our service allows businesses to reduce their dumpster cost, increase their positive environmental impact, and potentially earn money for their recyclables. We offer specialized recycling bins that make recycling for your businesses easier and more effective than any other service on Long Island. If you are interested in bringing your businesses into the green revolution please contact us. 

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Event Members


Are you throwing a concert, party, or festival? Evtek can ensure that your attendees have the ability to recycle properly. We can handle large and small events. It is one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of garbage your event is producing while benefiting the environment. Please call us today if you would like to have Evtek's services at your next event.


We help schools implement responsible and effective recycling programs. Right now the majority of Long Island schools do not have the ability to recycle their plastic and metals. Evtek is on a mission to change that. Not only do we offer our Long Island schools the ability to implement convenient and effective recycling systems, but we also provide the schools with an educational presentation. Schools who are members with us raise thousands of dollars annually from using our systems. Please do our children and community a favor and call Evtek to figure out how we can work with your school district to implement one of the most forward-thinking recycling systems. 



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Evtek has the ability to work with municipalities on a multitude of levels. We can have the ability to provide clean and effective recycling systems for your parks and buildings. Evtek is also experienced in processing municipal material. If you are interested in extending a bid proposal to Evtek please find our contact information at the bottom of the home page.