Partnered Redemption Center

Evtek has chosen All Deposit as our preferred Redemption Center because of its fast buying and processing system, friendly staff, and a true passion for recycling. If you would like to drop off your deposit container we highly recommend going to All Deposit in Brentwood.

All Deposit Redemption

Long Island's Premier Redemption Center

All Deposit's Mission

Striving To Be America's Best Redemption Center

We believe that all people should have access to a convenient bottle and can redemption. We have created a tailored redemption system with our customer's best interest in mind. By following our 12 rules of returning, we ensure that our customers are in and out within minutes. If you have over 2,500 containers and would like a pickup please contact an Evtek representative. 

All Deposit Contact Information Below:

Hours of Operation: 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday

Contact Number: 631-231-8696

Contact Email:

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